Childs Glacier at Million Dollar Bridge

Childs Glacier at Million Dollar Bridge


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Copper River Delta, the largest wetlands on continent, is a destination in itself:  Trumpeter Swan, Bald Eagles, Dusky Canada Geese, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Moose and Beavers are all in residence.  Visiting the historic Million Dollar Bridge and Childs Glacier at mile 52 is no longer accessible via the Copper River Highway. The bridge at mile 36 is not longer passable.  A local guide service is available to ferry you across and you will have a front row seat at “The Glacier” as the locals refer to Childs Glacier.  You have the advantage of seeing a glacier calving from a 300’ face  into the water from a comfortable seat on land directly 1200’ across. The USFS campground has copper-topped picnic sites and rest-room facilities and the guide service is all inclusive for your visit.

glacier viewing

  • Childs Glacier

  • Saddlebag Glacier

  • Sheridan Glacier


  • Crater Lake Trail

  • Eyak River Trail

  • Haystack Trail

  • Heney Ridge Trail

  • McKinley Trail

  • Pipeline Lakes Trail

  • Power Creek Cabin

  • Power Creek Trail

  • Saddlebag Glacier Trail

  • Sheridan Mountain Trail


  • Copper River Fleece

  • Sixty North Seafoods

  • Copper River Seafoods

  • and more…

skiing & snowboard

  • Mt. Ekak Ski Area



As the largest contiguous wetlands on the West Coast, The Copper River Delta is home to many waterfowl. The Chugach National Forest is home to bald eagles, owls, and a myriad of species. The Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival in early May of each year is an excellent time to view the over 5 million shorebirds that visit close by town.

indoor activities

  • Bidarki Rec Center

  • Bob Korn Memorial Pool

  • Cordova Historical Museum

  • Illanka Cultural Center

  • Cordova Library

  • Prince William Sound Science Center

  • Copper River Watershed Project